Susanne Tunn

A. D.

2009 – 2011, Tinn, 28 m2;
Cow Shed, Hellbaum Farm, Ostercappeln-Schwagstorf

(…) In the cowshed of a farmhouse, the artist slowly poured fluid tin onto an area of 28 square metres. This work reveals an unmistakable performative character. The act of production must be understood as a unique course in both senses of the words. Here we have not only the course of the work process but also the course of the metal itself, which seeks its own path on the uneven floor and comes to rest at certain places, depending on the texture of the subsurface.

The result is a frozen puddle which, with its silver shining surface appears to be equally strange and fascinatingly alien, particularly in these surroundings. The sculpture looks like a lake without banks – or like the surface of a landscape with a unique profile, containing gentle undulations, depressions and grand drops of the material. Its beauty lies in the self-sought expansion, its light effect and in all that which disturbs the impression of an all-too perfect smoothness.

As with Susanne Tunn’s other works, particularly her stone sculptures, the poured tin also documents an artistic act that totally follows the legitimacy of the material. (…)

Stefan Lüddemann
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