Susanne Tunn


Sculptural building of the chapel in the Johannes Wesling Klinikum Minden, 2004-2008,
Opened 20th June 2008


(…) In the wonderful, transparent construction of the chapel, quietly self-contained and just as quietly turned towards the outside world, this place can be experienced as a calm breathing-space. The power of art to render life perceptible as an oasis is reflected in the chapel itself.

The world evoked here is a place of contemplation. In the midst of life‘s menace, we are enclosed within the protective shell of the chapel. Here, the centre of the world is the altar, which is not prepared simply to subordinate its materiality to its religious functions. Here everything is an autonomous part within a world permeated by might and men. We owe our participation in this world to the vision which this chapel affords us, and which – in a different, tranquil form – makes clear to us the beauty of the world.

Jan Hoet
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